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    A complete cloud platform for service-based businesses. CRM, ERP, and Mobile features are all available with a single login.

    • Employees can work remotely with zero burden on your IT staff
    • CRM & ERP data is stored in a single database
    • Multilingual role based apps enable your field services with little training
    • Customer engagement & self service tools reduce call volume 

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    End to End Software for the Waste Industry

    From sales to service to billing & invoicing, Navusoft covers the entire customer lifecycle in a single system

  • Navusoft Sales

    Grow your business with Navusoft CRM capabilities built specifically for all aspects of the waste and recycling industry.

    • Access your sales office remotely
    • Easily create professional proposals and contracts
    • Manage sales team activities and commission plans
    • Protect sensitive data

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    Navusoft Accounting

    Increase speed to cash with Navusoft billing and collections.

    • Email invoices and process auto-payments in a few short clicks
    • Reduce billing errors with dashboard style reporting before invoices go out
    • Improve collections with automatic past due notifications
    • Reconcile AR/AP transactions for brokered accounts
    • Track when a customer opens their emailed invoices

  • Built by Industry Professionals

    The Navusoft leadership team has been providing technology solutions in the industry for the past 20 years

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    Customer Service

    Navusoft shortens call times by quickly providing the necessary information to the CSR in dashboard and calendar views.


    • Quickly view all customer activity including calls, emails, notes, services and pricing going all the way back to the original proposal
    • Immediately create on call work orders
    • Geo-code the exact point of containers with a drag and drop map
    • Generate and email single invoices outside of a billing batch
    • Post adjustments with a couple of clicks

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    Customer Portal

    Allow your customers to manage their accounts through the Navusoft customer portal

    • Enroll in auto-pay and paperless billing
    • View invoices and service information
    • Access electronic manifests
    • Reduce phone calls through online requests

  • Mobilize Your Workforce

    Navusoft's cloud-based technology allows you to access your business applications remotely by phone or tablet with a single login

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    Navusoft leverages the latest technology for your operations department

    • Dispatch and track drivers remotely via phone or tablet
    • Default routes by line of business, day of week, and geographical region
    • Real-time service verification
    • Track performance by estimated vs. actual time of arrival
    • Geofence service points, disposal locations and equipment yards

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    Mobile Solutions

    Navusoft's role based apps provide tailored workflows by job function.

    • Generate proposals and contracts from the field
    • Capture real-time data from your drivers
    • Manage routes from the field with the Route Supervisor app
    • Capture images and electronic signatures 

  • Industries We Serve

    Navusoft goes beyond waste! The cloud platform can be configured for any business based on scheduled services.

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    Solid Waste & Recycling

    Navusoft embraces the complexities of the unique lines of business within the solid waste and recycling industry. The system seamlessly guides the user through collecting the relevant transactional data for:

    • Commercial front load/rear load
    • Rolloff
    • Residential
    • Municipal


  • Medical Waste

    Navusoft is designed by industry experts to offer a complete end to end package for medical waste businesses

    • Capture electronic signatures for paperless manifests
    • Consolidate, transfer and manifest outbound waste
    • Track and report on containers from cradle to grave
    • Continue to capture container weights through internet service interruptions
    • Allow customer access to manifests and weight reports through the self service portal 

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    Portable Toilet & Equipment Rental

    Navusoft has been built to handle the unique operational and billing needs specific to the portable toilet and equipment rental industry.

    • Bill each service location on a 28 day cycle for anniversary billing
    • Enable deliveries, removals, and scheduled services on the same truck and route
    • Capture additional point of sale transactions on scheduled routes
    • Calculate taxes on rent separate from services
    • Provide utility pricing for qualified customers through credit card gateway

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