• Navusoft Sales & CRM

    Built-in Sales & CRM functions in your ERP software significantly increases the productivity and effectiveness of your sales team. Learn how to:

    • Increase conversion rates
    • Increase revenue per lead
    • Save time by eliminating duplicate entry
    • Gain sales rep productivity

  • How to get the most from your CRM tool

    On average CRM tools return almost $9 for every $1 dollar invested. Maximize your return with the following tips

    Increase ​Conversion Rates

    Even a small increase in conversion rates of 0.5% can lead to thousands of dollars in monthly revenue. The proper CRM tool will have a direct impact on Speed to Lead and Lead Nurturing.


    The more quickly that a lead is qualified and in the right hands, the higher the success rate of conversion. Increase the responsiveness of your company with Navusoft Sales & CRM by:

    • Automatic lead distribution - Predefine sales territories by region and line of business to get the incoming lead to the correct rep wether the lead comes in by phone or through the web
    • Quickly qualify the lead - Use Navusoft to quickly identify service availability and proper pricing
    • Consistently nurture qualified leads - Keep an airtight CRM by measuring and managing all sales activities preventing new business from slipping through your hands.   Navusoft's automated follow up tools will keep leads fresh

    Increase Profit Margin per Lead

    Utilization of a Sales and CRM tool improves internal efficiencies while enabling the sales team with the proper pricing in a timely manner. The Navusoft sales features are built directly into the ERP giving vision into the operations and financial side of the business.


    Benefits of an effective implementation tool which increase profit margins are:

    • Properly priced services - Having the right information at the right time allows for the sales staff to prevent profitability issues before they happen.   Understanding route density, optimized days of service, and nearby stops while making the sale arms the sales staff with the tools they need to set a profitable price
    • Reduced overhead - Navusoft's all in one system eliminates duplicate data entry.   Save hours per converted lead by utilizing the same tool for sales, routing,  and billing
    • Increase customer retention - It is far less expensive to keep a current customer than it is to attract and sign a new one.   Give your CSR's access to all information collected during the sales process to better serve the leads which have already been converted

    Measure Sales Team Performance

    Measuring the effectiveness of a sales team cannot be solely based on a single metric. Many factors must be considered. A sales team with a high number of small profit sales may not be as valuable as a sales team which effectively focuses their time on high profit sales. Simply monitoring the number of notes entered in a day does not ensure that the team is accomplishing their goals.


    For greater insight into the effectiveness of a sales team, a well-used CRM tool allows the management staff to:

    • Measure the impact of the salesperson on the business - Navusoft's CRM aggregates data from multiple points.   Net new, net lost, service increase, service decrease, and profitability gains and losses to show the true impact of a sales person on the business
    • Track individual productivity - Report on all sales activity with drill-down capabilities into the content to be compared against closing rates.   Identify where additional training may be required
    • Visually monitor heat maps - With a map-based view, see where the sales team is winning and where they are losing.   Identify threats and adjust the sales strategy accordingly
  • It's time to put a fully integrated CRM tool that is fit for the industry to work for you. Leads are getting away at this very moment! It's time to move your business forward with a growth-based software platform. Learn how by scheduling a demo with Navusoft today.