Navusoft allows haulers to continue to run their business while reducing costs.

In this unprecedented time, haulers are forced to operate on the tightest of budgets. The commercial accounts are reducing or canceling services. Residential routes have become twice as expensive to run. And critical staff has been reduced and forced to work remotely.

Technology has never before played such a critical role in the industry. The status quo of outdated and over-priced technology stacks will no longer suffice. A business is only as nimble as its technology. Navusoft is here to help haulers do more for less.

Here's how:

  • Navusoft costs 30% of the competition.   Easy math: Take a quote from the biggest competitor, divide by 3.   Put the rest back into the budget.
  • Work remotely with zero overhead on the IT department.   Employees access the system and perform their job from any device any where any time.   No client installs or licenses
  • Dispatch from the cab of a truck.   The Navusoft Route Supervisor app allows a dispatcher to run a route while monitoring the entire fleet and assigning work as the day progresses.
  • Customers serve themselves.  Reduce calls with the Navusoft Customer Portal.   Report service issues, access customer specific reports, view electronic manifests, view and pay invoices
  • Onboard new employees quickly.   Navusoft's multilingual role based apps reduce the time needed to train new employees.
The competition is stuck in yesterday. Navusoft is now.
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